About Us


4S Professional is a leading automotive products brand that creates and distributes unique high end windscreen wipers, car microfibers, engine oil and car batteries that stand out from the market for their durability, quality and reasonable pricing. 4S Professional started by creating well priced, high-quality windscreen wipers destined for the continental marketplace with an emphasis on Japanese and European car models. With a reputation for excellent customer service and design, their range of aerodynamic, Teflon silicone wipers is now highly sought after by drivers looking for high quality, affordable and convenient alternatives to regular wipers.


The company has invested deeply in R&D and is working very closely to increase its network of suppliers. The premium product release is the aerodynamic Extreme Silica windscreen wiper, a high-end product featuring premium silicone plus UV and heat resistance. Intended for a niche market, 4S Professional is so confident in Extreme Silica’s quality that the product will come with an unprecedented 2 years warranty. So far, no other brand can match the same warranty.


4S Professional’s wipers are just one of the products that the company has to offer, all of which can be found on online marketplaces with an offline showroom in the works very soon. As a result of high customer demand, 4S Professional are now expanding its reach from its home base in Malaysia into the Singapore and US markets and soon after, the European market via Amazon. If you’re looking for the best in durable, high quality automotive product at the best prices, 4S Professional is your trusted provider.